General Contractor, A Career With High Demand And Proper Payments

What are the requirements to do this type of work in California?

If you have the skills to do repairs at home, are familiar with the principles of construction and have the ability to supervise other workers, the career of the contractor may be what you are looking for.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the career of the general contractor will have a 5% increase in labor demand in the coming years. Because contractors or construction managers are considered small business owners, it is difficult to calculate precisely what the average income is. The government agency estimated that in 2015, the average earnings of a general contractor was $ 87,400 per year. This amount varies according to the professional’s reputation and ability to get jobs.

To work as a contractor in California, you must obtain a license from the Board of Licensed Contractors (CSLB). Said license is required for any project that exceeds 500 dollars.

The workers who receive a salary for their work, have no control over the work to be done, or the final results of the project, do not need to get a license to work.

Requirements To Obtain A License

To get a contractor’s license in California, it is necessary to have reached the age of 18 and to take a written exam on the regulations of the work and on the trade of the contractor itself. In turn, to be able to make this exam, the interested parties must prove that they have worked at least four years in the trade.

The state agency issues 43 types of licenses, for different specialties, such as electricians, plumbers, or painters. A general contractor can perform specific jobs, such as repairing a roof, or subcontracting other professionals for each specialty, and supervise their work.

Other requirements to obtain the license include having a valid social security number and presenting fingerprints. The application must be accompanied by proof of insurance for the workers, if the candidate has dependents, or a certificate of insurance exemption, indicating that he has no workers under his supervision.

Contractors without immigration documents

Because of the section of SB 1159, those immigrants who do not have records, but want to obtain a professional license, can do so by submitting a social security number, or taxpayer identification number or ITIN.

Other careers that, thanks to the implementation of law SB 1159, allow undocumented persons to obtain a professional license are, among others, hairdressing and cosmetology, accounting, dental hygiene, architecture, pharmacy, and optometry.

Office Interior Design Tips

Are you thinking of starting an office? One of the things that are difficult about establishing an office is the designing phase. Offices should have something good and attractive to the users and the visitors. An office should not be a set up of electronics and furniture. This is where you work and at least expect to have some visitors. Here are some of the tips to help you design your office


Management of space

This is where one has invested a lot of money, and it is, therefore, crucial to know that every inch of the office matters. Remember to manage your space to make it effective and functional. You need to know the number of the employees expected to be in the office and the cabins needed. This will help you manage how they are going to be optimally placed in the office.




Always consider the wellbeing of the office’s users, and this requires you to have comfortable furniture. One can always cut anything from an office except comfort. Be wise in selecting the furniture to be used in the office since this is something to be used for the whole day. Your desks and cabinets should have enough storage space.

Color scheme


An office can be a representative of the business. What visitors see in the office can create a picture of the business, and therefore, the office should have the colors that present the business well. If there is a staircase, ensure that you also make them as colorful as the interior of the office.



All offices should be well illuminated, and this should be mostly by natural light. There should be windows to brighten the office as well as allowing fresh air in. There should also be a proper placement of LED and CFL lights which are essential for any office and conference rooms.